Roots Locker with Dean Bloxham Flyer. Tune in every Thursday for Roots Locker 6pm - 8pm on widgeon airwaves

Roots Locker with Dean Bloxham

Thursday 28th March 2024

6:00 pm – 7.00 pm

Roots, Regggae, Dub

Tune in every other Thursday for Roots Locker with Jenx & Guests.

Born at a early age, Jenx first fell in love with Reggae in the late 60s early 70s, early visits to London during the birth of punk included shopping for records in the iconic shops Greensleeves, Dub Vendor and Daddy Kool.

By the early 80s the stars had fallen out of line for Reggae and myself, I was playing in a band doing the London circuit, this lead to 15 years working with various bands, promoters and venues..

Let’s move forward and 10 years ago my records were all still boxed away but now people wanted to hear them and appreciate this important time in Reggae Music..

Roots Locker Live started out as a good night out before becoming a radio show…

Today the show continues to support the music of the past and has guest selectors from other parts of the UK and beyond.

You can listen to the show when it is broadcast on the player below or on the radio show page via this link and be sure to check out the radio archives for all the past shows.

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