Listen to the blazing sun flyer. Every other Thursday 8pm - 10pm on Widgeon Airwaves

To The Blazing Sun with DJ Doris

Thursday 21st December 2023

8:00 pm – 10.00 pm


Tune in every other Thursday for Listen To The Blazing Sun with DJ Doris.

London based Kiwi, living the dream that the UK has to offer with live music, festivals and parties over the last 25 years.

Doris has an eclectic taste in music ranging from African greats to Unlawful Country, Classic Psy-Rock to Latino heart warmers, Quirky Jazz to Grimy Techno.

Doris mixes it all up for Widgeon Airwaves and your listening pleasure.

Doris is also a boater and has been a Widgeon fan for 2 years, tuning in when cruising the canals.

‍Show time, every other Thursday 8pm – 10pm.

With repeat every other the following Sunday 1pm – 3pm.

You can listen to the show when it is broadcast on the player below or on the radio show page via this link and be sure to check out the radio archives for all the past shows.

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