The Narrowboat

"​On The Bill  At Widgeon"

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  1.  Drew Colby
    Drew Colby
    Shadow Puppeteer Extraordinaire, Drew will perform a fantastical Shadow puppet shows perfect for all ages..
  2. The CROOKED TREE THEATRE 16th December
    The CROOKED TREE THEATRE 16th December
    Crooked Tree Theatre will be performing as Kid Krampus and The Deranged Reindeer With Xmas style songs of a difference. Think Bonzo Dog too Dah Band and More...
  3. 2nd December 2pm - 4pm Lyrical Lucy will be onstage
    2nd December 2pm - 4pm Lyrical Lucy will be onstage
    Lucy with her friends will be onstage again for the Be Spoken Word in the Afternoon of the 2nd December come down to Angel The performance is inspired by Bulgarian culture and reveals to the audience the characteristics of Bulgarian folklore, traditional dances and costumes. Following a series of failures at music festivals, a Bulgarian musician faces a midlife crisis. Is his lifelong love affair with his instrument, the gadulka, about to be challenged by the arrival of a mysterious girl? Where do pandas come into the dilemma? Miro Kokenov takes us on a comic journey of doubt, sarcasm and the wonders of nature. The performance is inspired by Bulgarian culture and reveals to the audience the characteristics of Bulgarian folklore, traditional dances and costumes.
  1. "The No Frills Folk Band"
17th November
    "The No Frills Folk Band" 17th November
    Another chance to come and enjoy Johnny Be's fantastic full band on the MainStage at the Angel Canal Festival 2nd September Angel and Islington City Basin
  2. Samantha Love 
16th December 2018
    Samantha Love 16th December 2018
    Gypsy Love" in style KINGS CROSS IF YOU MISSED HER THE FIRST TIME Come aboard the Widgeon Enjoy some comedy cabaret by Samantha Love. All the way from Wales by Megabus.
  3. Rantin Richie
2nd December Angel, 
city basin
    Rantin Richie 2nd December Angel, city basin
    Having toured and played with Alabama 3, Rantin Richie has now composed an inspired book of words from "Wandsworth to Wordsworth" He is debuting before going on tour with the Levellers.. coming down from Yorkshire to present us with his brilliant words and works. .. come listen to the stories come to life.
  4. The Homosexuals
    The Homosexuals
    "Anarchistwood" 29th September 9pm
    Anarchistwood “One of the best description of Anarchistwood comes from a review in Razorcake – where it is impossible to tell whether its trying to insult or praise them and whether the reviewer loves or hates them- but it captures their essence perfectly. “What the Fuck Is This? Weirdo Hippy Anarchist Art-Punk from the UK, like a psychotic mix of Crass, Gang of Four and Frank Zappa!” It’s here in full. To me they are more like the Cravats / Rubella Ballet / Poison Girls style of Anarcho… only with added 21st century lysergic bounce and art-terror-madness.” Ged Babey in Louder than War 27/12/17
  2. Santa Dredd in the Grotto
8th & 9th December
    Santa Dredd in the Grotto 8th & 9th December
    Broadway Market from 10.30am to 4.30pm both days If you are feeling good Come on in and receive a gift A small entry fee on the door to help warm the cockles with a warm beverage.
  3. De Fuego
29th September 4pm
    De Fuego 29th September 4pm
    De Fuego is an award-winning guitar duo specialising in energetic Spanish-Latin instrumental flamenco and rumba music. The group has come a long way since their humble beginnings as buskers in London, 2010. Soon after they started getting numerous festival bookings across the UK and headlining and performing in major festivals such as Sziget Fesztival (HU), Glastonbury Festival, Vegfest, Secret Garden Party, Shambala and many more. They completed their first European tour in 2014 and have performed for organisations such as Google, Commonwealth Nations Ceremony Awards and Greenpeace in Glastonbury Festival to name a few.

'Up Next' -- SANTA DREDD
Then more from
"The Crooked Tree Theatre"

The Widgeon Theatreboat will be hosting it's next event in Along the Regents Canal. 

At the bottom of the steps by Broadway Market Santa Dredd will be in his Grotto, afloat whilst his reindeer take a quick break for the weekend he will be happy to meet you hear your tales, give you gifts. 

Followed on by another chance to see The Crooked Tree Theatre, Samantha Love and more for us to enjoy the Christmas Cheer on the 16th December. A musical interlude and comedy cabaret in Kings Cross. 

  • I ( Mj Morgan) have come from nearly 30 years of working in Film and Televion as a Producer and line Producer.  Having worked with many prolific acts which have given me the skills and experience to take this opportunity to create a platform hosting emerging talent, new creativity for all ages and genres. As well as offering to intimate audiences the chance to see some known and celebrated music, faces and Art.

  • Widgeon has given me the chance to give back to the people the chance to challenge themselves and see what medium of creativity makes them happy.  Performing on an oustide small stage taking you back to the grass roots of street and outside fringe theatre. 

  • If you wish to book a show or workshop please go to the home page or contact page. 

  • if you have any questions in regards to upcoming events or how to get invovled please email or call. 

  • We are just starting our maiden voyage as the Theatre Narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal moving southwards.

  • We feel that by creating in an intimate space on the water for creativity  it gives  people the chance to participate and build up slowly to what area of entertainment they wish to explore. 
  • We welcome ideas and suggestions along the way. ​